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Pigeon Fact #2:

Unless separated, pigeons mate for life.




In a nutshell...

Shawnté Salabert has been writing for quite some time. It really all began with Glare Magazine, the celebrity rag she produced, wrote, and edited with Crayolas back in the early 80's.

Since then, she's written and edited press kits, band/artist bios, website copy, coffeetable books, manuals, and promotional literature - as well as superbly crafted articles, columns, blurbs, cover stories and things for the likes of Charleston City Paper, The L Magazine, The Journal, Domain Magazine, and Rockabilly Monthly.

She currently lives and breathes the smog in La La Land. She is the copy editor for Beautiful/Decay Magazine and is the Mistress of Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for HackTone Records. She made up that title herself.

Of course she's working on a book. Like you had to ask.